What’s happening?

In case you missed my previous blog post, I’ve decided to change my blog hosting to WordPress.com. The previous web host is fabulous but too expensive for my personal needs. Hosting on WordPress.com is a lot cheaper. I managed to get a very good deal on Black Friday. So good that I decided to sign up for 2 years. The amount that I’m paying WordPress for 2 years is less than 50% of what I’m paying my previous web host for 1 year.

Which means I’m staying with WordPress.com for at least 2 years. Fingers crossed. Let’s hope everything goes well.

So what’s new? For a start, the URL is now dk.sg. No more blog.dk.sg. But the good thing is that if you type blog.dk.sg, you’ll still be redirected to this blog. So let’s hope I don’t lose anyone with this move. You can also access this blog via blogdksg.wordpress.com but I’ve no idea why would anyone want to do that.

And the biggest and most obvious change is that all the old post has been removed. Part of me is lazy to transfer all my old blog entries to WordPress.com. And the file size is quite big too. More than 3GB worth of data. The current WordPress.com plan that I’m on only gives me 6GB storage. So I think it is better for me to start new. Besides, who needs to read my old blog entries from 2005?

But don’t worry, I have everything back up in my Synology NAS. I could basically host the old blog from my NAS but I don’t really see the need for it actually. So it is just going to stay in my NAS in case I want to refer to some old stuff.

I guess the rest will more or less be the same. I’ll still be blogging about the things that I usually blog. There are some new things that I want to try out too. Let’s see if I manage to find the time and motivation to do them. In the meantime, please excuse the current mess here. Still a lot of things need to be done on this new blog. Hopefully I can get them done within the next few week.

PS: Just curious for those who are still using RSS reader. Does this new blog post gets delivered to your RSS feed? Is anyone still using RSS reader?

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